Intelligent key control for property managers

Traka's latest white paper focuses on key management and the critical role it plays in safeguarding properties.

The expanding landscape of the multifamily market, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, is putting further strain on already stretched budgets and staff. The escalating problems are impacting every part of the multifamily market, from new construction to property management. This white paper addresses the five primary concerns and how key management can contribute to maintaining the people and property's long-term integrity.

    • Maintaining quality employees, and holding them accountable
    • Reducing unexpected maintenance costs
    • Lowering operational costs
    • Navigating unexpected day-to-day challenges, and
    • Adapting to automation


Here's why property managers choose Traka

Reduced Liability

Traka's industry exclusive SmartFob Key technology lets your staff and vendors read physical keys in the field without labeling them. 

Improved Safety

Automate key and asset levels and receive email alerts to policy violations, such as keys not being returned or attempted removal by an unauthorized person. Have better visibility over staff access to resident units.

Increased Accountability

24/7 audit trail of all system activity means you have a fast and efficient process for checking out keys and assets, while holding staff and vendors 100% accountable for the items they access.


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More than just a key: How intelligent key management solves the biggest challenges facing property managers

“Property managers always have safety and security at the forefront of their minds when it comes to their residents and their buildings, but the pandemic added a list of external pressures to the laundry list they face on a daily basis,”

Larry Green, Director of Property Management for Traka Americas.

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